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A new formulation technique to model materials and operations planning: the generic materials and operations planning (GMOP) problem
Jose P. Garcia-Sabater, Julien Maheut and Juan A. Marin-Garcia

European Journal of Industrial Engineering, 2013, vol. 7, issue 2, pages 119-147

Abstract: This paper presents a technique that mathematically models relationships between operations and materials, which amends the usual technique used to model materials and resources requirement planning through mathematical programming. This technique represents operations and materials requirement planning by extending the bill of materials concept beyond the Gozinto structure. This so-called generic materials and operations planning (GMOP) problem is based on the ‘stroke’ concept. The decision variables are the operations (strokes) each resource is capable of, and not materials or resources. This form extends modelling capacity to transformation operations, resource and product substitution, and material transportation. It considers most conventional bills of materials types (direct, alternative and reverse BOMs, alternative resources and routings) with the same data structure. It contemplates multi-level problem modelling, and even packaging and alternative transport modes. The same data structure represents these characteristics. The problem, its mathematical modelling approach and examples illustrating its use are provided.

1 agosto, 2013